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Love life, love photography

‘I’m a professional photographer based between Malta and Ibiza with over 20yrs experience in creative visual arts.¬†Capturing the moment requires artistic, technical, social and environmental awareness. I’m focused on these key elements in order to meet all the clients photography requirements. Having worked with many different people across a broad spectrum of creative and commercial fields, I am naturally drawn to photography as a definitive form of artistic expression and commercial application. Living out of suitcases for a big part of my life, I soon learnt to appreciate every moment and this has become the philosophy and drive behind my work in photography’ Julian

”Julian is an unusual artist in the sense that he is equally creative with his camera as he is with a paintbrush. Although thought-provoking, his work is most times infused with a lyrical beauty that is as individual as he is.”¬†Kenneth Zammit Tabona

“At an age where time is money and quality is requested from the word ‘go’, Julian Calabrese is the professional you’d want to be collaborating with you, whatever the project and no matter how demanding it is. Julian is first and foremost an artist. This shows in his unique approach and permeates throughout all his work, A cursory look at his portfolio will expose his versatility and highlight his many strengths. Above all, he’s a very passionate person and an extremely nice guy to deal with, committed and fun-loving. Working with him was a rewarding experience and the end result was in line with our expectations.” James Vella Clark,¬† PR Manager at Corporate Identities

”Working with Julian was great. Even before a single shot was taken the preproduction was well thought through. His ability to get people to relax in front of camera is a key asset. And of course, he can compose and produce great photos. I look forward to the next chance to work with him.” Caspian Rabone, Creative Director – Wunderman EMEA