Ibiza Wedding

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I always start a discussion about weddings with ‘im not a wedding photographer but I really enjoy shooting weddings’. There is no formula to my approach other than to get the best out of the day.

If there is a strong good feeling upon the first pre-wedding meeting I can usually tell from then if its going to work out or not. Although its crazy at times to say no (in a business sense) its more important for me to know or to have the feeling that ‘this is going to be great.’ Those images are to be treasured for life so that takes priority over everything, to me! Im always happy to refer other photographers, if needs be:)

In 2014 I was fortunate enough to be shooting a wedding in Malta for a wonderful couple, Mr&Mrs Dean! During the reception, the brother of the groom approached me and asked if I would be available to shoot his wedding. I asked him if he had viewed my work and to my surprise he said no. He wanted to hire me based solely on how he had viewed my approach and presence among his family. This to me was the ultimate compliment. He told me he didn’t need to see my work as he already trusted that his brother would have chosen the best photographer for his wedding.

To me, a large part of my wedding work is about connection, connecting with the couple, the family and friends, I remain fully energized this way. Believe me, weddings require 100% focus and energy, there is no room for anything less. I felt blessed to be working in this way and to be a part of their special day, thank you Zoe & Miles!