Ibiza Spirit Festival

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Yoga, Watsu, Verbal therapy, Reiki, Shakti and many other insightful and healthy activities all represented in Ibiza. The island may be well known for its party atmosphere but it’s also important to note the deeply spiritual side too.
Before this trip to the Island, I felt compelled to seek out a deeper sense of being. Now, in the process of acclimatizing, I have become accustomed to all sorts of enlightening conversation in Ibiza. There is, without a doubt, a very vibrant energy on the island and upon hearing about the festival; I took the opportunity to practice my event skills!
Held at the extraordinary venue AZARO, the day started in the rain and ended in glorious sunshine.
It was a delight to see so many colorful people from all walks of life, it felt very good to be among such active, positive and open minded people.

I highly recommend the experience! Wonderful Ibiza Spirit Festival…X